Horses for Orphans endeavors to build the foundations of life into orphans and the underprivileged, to equip them to succeed in their personal and professional lives and come into a deeper knowledge of the love of God.

Horses for Orphans projects enable children who live in orphanages to experience joy and the healing of their hearts through interacting with horses the natural way; through relationship.

By learning how to take care of horses and to understand how they think and feel, children can grow in kindness, healthy esteem and responsibility. Horses innately look for a leader to follow; as the children grow in leadership, communication and team skills, they gain the trust of the horses. As the children experience the wonder of a horse choosing to enter a relationship with them, they grow in confidence, esteem and identity.

Horses for Orphans projects invest in young leaders, providing opportunity for children to advance through a program designed to impart the necessary skills to pursue a career with horses. Older teenagers have the option to train to become leaders of the horse project in their country.